Coming Up Short

I almost finished the robe part of Dolores’ new outfit this week- but it was kind of a bear for such a small, simple garment.

I guess I’d forgotten how much I don’t like superwash yarn. Always feels slippery to me. Kind of fiddly to knit with.

And then it turned out that there wasn’t quite enough of it. ( like that Woody Allen line: ” The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small.  “)

It’s washed and blocked, and drying now

But in order to do the second sleeve I had to unpick the caston edge and pull out three rows of hem selvage, so that is why those stitches are now on a holder. I’ll have to go back and to a couple replacement rows in some other yarn before turning it back and sewing it down.

Here is Dolores, reluctantly sitting for a try-on session

Was please that at least it’s a pretty good fit, though I had to do a line of crochet inside the back neck to give it a little more structure. Once I have her stitched up the front and properly accessorized (earrings, collar) I think she’s look properly judicial 🙂

In other news, chickies are growing fast

And I’ve been working on my “Rio Grande flip” technique on my lateral treadle wheel with the spindle mod. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Have been meaning to make a little video- maybe it will happen for next week. Was practicing with some Esther wool today-

We’re also wrapping up the last bits on the hoophouse structure- short list of things that we need to finish up before the poly sheeting install. That last step will be dependent on having a day of good weather with no wind, but I want to make sure we’re ready for when the opportunity presents itself!

Have a good week everyone-

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