Waning Days of 2020

Was off this week on a bit of a pre-Christmas break- and while I didn’t get a lot of wool work done, I did make some progress on my lockerhooking sample-

the plan is to fill in the rest of the open areas with white roving loops. I think that it will make a nice cushion for my home-office chair with a fabric back and fleece stuffing.

Spent a fair bit of time baking Christmas cookies for sending as gifts (and some for local consumption, of course 🙂 )

Also still making incremental progress on the hoophouse- the south end framing is coming along-

And that was enough for one week.

Oh- and I also wanted to share a little wool-on-the-hoof excitement. This morning when I was out in the shed trimming hooves, I got a good look at Felix’s fleece.

It’s so fine and crimpy. And it looks nice all the way back to his rump. Amazing- we seem to have beaten the itchy/felty problem! And his hooves didn’t look too bad either. Good boy Felix!


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