Kinda Wiped

Quite possibly the longest week ever.

And while I’m relieved by the result, it’s left me rather exhausted, so I’ll keep this short.

Woolwork for the week includes Felix Spring 2020 rolags

And also a bit of a test spin from a drum carded batt. It’s not terribly even, but I love it anyway. So soft and pristinely white. The rolags should yield a more even result. I find that Felix’s fleece, being a lot finer than my other wools, requires a bit more careful prep.

Also picked and carded the last of Daphne’s Spring 2020 fleece (her first shearing) , about 14 oz. You can’t see it very well in the photo, but the outer coat of her wool has a really interesting mahogany color. I don’t think that that characteristic has carried into her adult fleece.

Also dug deeper into my bins and turned up a little over a pound of lovely Chone wool. Is always kind of bittersweet working with the wool of a dear departed sheepy friend.

Very special stash.

Ok, take care and have a good week, folks-


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna. yeah, was hard to watch the Hawks get run over like that 🙁 Hoping to get out of carding mode and back to spinning sometime soon!


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