Make some progress on the hoophouse today. Hoops assembled!

And here’s what one looks like in my expertly pounded groundposts 🙂

So that is super cool. I can stand under my one hoop and imagine what the structure will be like when it’s completed. Super excited.

I also have decided that the time is ripe to move some of my fleece inventory along in the processing pipeline. I’m up to date with fleece washing, but have abit of a glut of locks awaiting picking/carding. So I have resolved to get one bag of fleece picked and carded each week through the month of November. Bag size varies a bit, but that’s ok. Just workin’ through it.

This week’s carding is Daphne Fall 2020 fleece- about 18 oz of dark, nutty, frosty deliciousness.

And here is the girl herself striking a pose, to show you what that texture looks like on the hoof-

Also wanted to show you the texture on Fiona’s fleece. This is not quite two months growth since her fall haircut- I love the curly tips!

Really glad I got some Fall shearing done this year, Hoping it will mean that Spring fleeces will be a little tidier and less felted.

Have a great week- and Go Hawks!


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- was sad to see that the Hawks couldn’t close the deal against the Cardinals. Very unusual for them to lose a lead like that.

  1. Goatldi

    Nice progress on the hoophouse!
    Love both Fiona and Daphne . Fiona reminded me with those curls of “there was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead”.

    Will there be anyway to purchase an assortment of fleece this year?

    • denisemor

      Thanks Goatldi- yep, little Fiona has these cute springy little curls all over. I like to tousle them when I am out visiting in the pasture. I hadn’t really thought about offering fiber for sale since my local market isn’t happening anymore, but if you’re interested I’d be happy to pull some together for you.


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