Fall Fleeces

Had the sheeps gathered up yesterday for hoof checks, and it occurred to me that I really should shear the Icelandic girls, Daphne and Fiona, sometime this Fall so they won’t be all matted and felty in the Spring.

They both have a lot of wool on them already, only about 4 months growth for each, and I’m thinking that if I trim them up now they’ll have plenty of time to fluff out again before it gets cold.

Thankfully they were both pretty cooperative (& alfalfa pellets help) 🙂

Here are the girls in their current, partially sheared state

And here are their lovely wools! (they were both damp at shearing, so I washed the fleece right away)

Fiona’s baby fleece is so soft!

I’m going to be off late this week, so hope to get them finished up then 🙂

I’ll sign off with this crazy little bugger in his happy place photo.

Wishing you all some “Gus in the Compost” comfort and happiness.


    • denisemor

      Yeah, I guess we’re pretty casual here about the whole shearing thing 🙂 I find that the sheeps lose patience with me after a while (I’m a slow shearer) and it’s better for everyone if I do their haircuts in installments.


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