Circled back around today to Alcott color selections for reworking the chart

Here are the colors- four bought (Biches et Buches Petite lambswool), and three handspun

Tried a few different combos in Stitchfiddle ( which is a lot of fun to play with), of which this is currently my favorite

I think maybe I’ll make a hat as a swatch to see how it looks in real life before starting on the vest.

The other kind of picking I’ve been up to is in the garden. Here is today’s take

Snap peas are gone, and raspberries are tapering off. But figs are coming along nicely and zuchinni, carrots and potatoes are still going strong.

So thankful for our little patch of land the comfort it has been providing me through these last few months.


  1. Goatldi

    Get haul. Makes mine look meager. First year garden in new area. But I feel as you do garden , goats and chickens along with the two Pyrenees, BC/Aussie, English and cats. Keep me stabilized. Did I mention fiber?

    • denisemor

      thanks Goatldi- indeed. so thankful for all those things that keep me grounded and give me a little buffer from the craziness of the outside world.


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