The Garden is Calling

The garden has actually been calling for a couple of weeks now, but I’d been letting it go to voicemail while I concentrated on woolish things 🙂

The weather has been unusually sunny and warm for April, and so everything is coming on really fast- including the weeds. And I kind of missed my opportunity to get the raised beds under control by solarizing with black plastic, so this weekend I had to put my back into it.

That cartful of weeds used to occupy the bed and a half behind it now nicely turned and awaiting compost.

Mmmmm. compost. This nice aged-to-perfection pile had been my holding spot for a trio of volunteer cedar trees over the winter. Getting them planted in the pasture is another item on the garden to-do list.

Compost liberated from it’s dense covering of weedy squatters and moved to garden beds. Also spread it around raspberries and roses. Was like handing out goodies to all my garden friends.

And speaking of snacks for friends- I noticed that my Therese Bugnet rose was starting to leaf out pretty good- looked very tender and tasty.

She is such a robust rose- I think related to rugosa, but not as prickly, and spreads like crazy, so I have tons of it. Provides good sheep snacks all summer long!

On the wool front, I am excited to say that I just carded up a sample of Daphne wool, and it is lovely

There’s not a ton of it, because a fair bit of her fleece was felted, but what I have is going to be a lot of fun to play with- gray, brown, black- with mahogany highlights.

And, The Shepherd’s Teo scarf just came of the needles! Will have a finished photo for next week once the ends a re tucked in and it’s blocked.

Stay safe, and Knit On!

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