Finalizing the (Rooster) Roster

Things were getting a little stressful for the chicken girls out in the shed, so we had to make some hard decisions about roosters.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the option of keeping a practice squad, so there was only space for a starter and a backup.

Here are the guys who made the cut and will be heading up the team for the 19-20 season.


And Mr. Pink

They seem to be adjusting to their leadership roles, and hopefully will help keep the girls safe as they range around the pasture. I’m thankful that now that our rooster population is thinned things are quite a bit calmer in the shed. Hopefully we kept the right guys , but only time will tell.

But today, everything is sunshine and chin scritches out in the pasture.

(sorry about the vertical orientation- that wasn’t well planned, but wanted to share it anyway 🙂 )

Was nice to get to visit with Dottie a little this afternoon. Apparently she’s forgiven me for yesterday’s deworming and hoof check.

Dottie also figured prominently in this weeks wool-work, as both singles and a two-ply-

Dottie (silver) and Esther (white) yarns

Aren’t sheeps just the best?


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