From the Fair to Fiber Day!

Whew- weekend has gone fast. Almost out of gas, but wanted to share some photos from Friday at the NW Washington Fair where I volunteered for a shift at the Wool Show.

yarn I spun while demo-ing at the fair, right off the bobbin….
and after finishing. what a difference a bath makes!

Saturday I picked blueberries and blackberries from the yard to make this-

blueberry & blackberry galette with cornmeal crust

It is scrumptious. Highly recommend:

And I’m also working on getting three more little lamb puppets ready for Fiber Day at the Bow Market, which is this coming Thursday!

If your’e in the area, come out and see us at Samish Bay Cheese, 15115 Bow Hill Road, Bow. Market runs from 1-6.

Have a great week!

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