My (Project) Bags are Packed!

Just back from a conference in Portland, where I made sure to support the local yarns shops in downtown-

That’s some lovely Rambouillet roving from Fierce Fibers in Hillsboro, OR from Pearl Fiber Arts, and

a big ‘ole hank of Galler Yarns Heather Prime Alpaca in Deep Turquoise from Unravelled. Yum.

I’ve been wanting to get some more felting done, and got as far as layering the fibers, but way too hot out to be playing in the sun with hot water. So for now they are just rolled and awaiting their transformation.

And, now I’m headed out on another adventure- this time on the water. Nautical Knitting on the Schooner Zodiak! I just got the most important part of my packing done- my current project (alpaca hat) and materials for the three classes that we’ll be having onboard with Mary Scott Huff

so glad I made a bunch of these little bags!

My yarns, needles and notions organized, and I’m ready to set sail!

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