Flora’s Felty Friend

Did some more felting yesterday- trying for a slightly thinner material. So only four layers of fiber in each sheet (last time was six I think). I did two natural white (ish) and two from misc dark wool from the stash.

I twas pretty happy with how they turned out- especially the two dark ones.

oooohh- felty!

They were still on my mind last night as I drifted off to sleep- and sometime in the night my brain pieced it together- how I might assemble a felt version of my knitted sheep puppet.

And so this morning Flora and I got down to it.

Flora helping with pattern drafting
She was such a good sport!

Once I’d settled on pattern shapes that looked like they would work, I was amazed to find that they actually both fit on a single sheet of my felt!

And here are the pieces cut out

front and back pieces

I also needed to cut out two additional ear pieces, that would be attached to the front piece before the rest of the assembly. Here is the inside once completely sewn together-

Took me a couple tries to get the assembly right. I thought at first it would be easier to do by hand, but I’m not an especially tidy hand-sewer, and so the machine turned out to be a much better option.

And here is my right-side-out sheep!


I’m so excited about this little felty sheep. She’s a little bit slighter in build than Flora (due to seam allowances) but I think that gives her a very endearing “little lamb” type of look. Can’t wait to give her a face and some embroidered embellishment!


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- I’m so pleased with how she turned out! No name yet- once she has a face I’m sure one will come to me 🙂


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