Hay Tasting Party!

Yesterday I put on a little taste-test party in the pasture to get input on this year’s hay options.

Three varieties were presented to our experts- 2019 second cut, 2018 third cut, and 2018 second cut.

A sweet, almost fruity nose led our tasters first to the 2018 second cut, where they lingered quite a while, noting the structured tannin profile-

Dottie was the first to get beyond pile number one, passing 2018 third cut with hardly a sniff (a bit musty/earthy), to enthusiastically partake of the 2019 second cut.

It took a little while for Frank and Felix to get into the action, but they eventually wandered over to offer their input.

In the end, the gang favored the rich herbal notes, smooth mouthfeel and long finish of the 2019 second cut Teff/local grass blend. Hopefully we’ll have it delivered and put up in the woodshed next weekend!

And the final accounting on my “Best of Frank and Felix” yarn is in-

Total of 840 yards, 13.6 oz.

The grist varies a bit more than expected over the five skeins, but I’ll just have to account for that in planning whatever garment they end up being.

So nice to have another almost-sweater quantity of yarn ready to go. I might be able to put together something really neat with this F&F lot and Chone yardage left after I finish my Forest project, as they are about the same weight.


  1. Donna Schoonover

    I also love your report with the flavorful descriptions! You have second cutting already. Can you email me where you get your hay from and the price? Ours is terribly expensive.
    Love your F&F skeins!


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