The Next Sweater (Vest)

This week I finally settled on what I’m going to make with the yarn I spun from Chone’s last fleece. What a relief!

I’ve swatched, (amazingly) got gauge, and (even more amazingly) am planning on knitting it up without really modifying anything. 🙂

Doesn’t look like much yet,

But I’m really enjoying working with my Chone yarn, and doing a little cabling- seems like a long time since I’ve done any cabling- so I think it will go pretty fast

And- I’m really pleased with how my “best of Frank and Felix” yarn is coming along. approximately 300 yards so far.

The boys cleaned up pretty nicely- And it’s so springy!

Think I can probably get another 450 yards out of the rest of the Grade A F&F. The rest of it will likely get dyed later on this summer. Would really like to try my hand at some madder dyeing….

And in the garden- peonys

And roses

Ahhhh- June.

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