Requiem for a Sheep

I kept some of Chone’s last fleece.

I don’t know if it seems undignified to have sheared him after he passed, but I didn’t want to waste the lovely wool that he’d grown over the last 9 or so months.

It’s probably the nicest wool he’d ever produced- and I want to do something special with his last fleece.

I’ve been trying to honor his memory over the last couple of weeks by spending time spinning his wool, and have enlisted the help of Sigrid, my antique scandinavian wheel, in this effort.

I finished my trial skein last week. Once washed and dried it came out to about 2.25 oz and 145 yards, which I think makes it about DK weight.

So that is the standard for this project. I think I have about 1.25 pounds of his wool. If I spin to those specs I can turn it into nearly 1300 yards of lovely, lofty, Chone-y yarn. A sweater-able amount (though no idea on what sweater that might be yet)

I am really enjoying spinning on Sigrid. I’d almost forgotten how much I love the momentum of her big 25″ wheel, and the feel of the double drive when the tension is set just right. It’s very relaxing.

I’ve almost filled two Sigrid bobbins this weekend, so tomorrow we ply! (thankful to have the MLK day holiday off)
She’s not one to work in the counterclockwise direction. For that I will depend upon Moto 🙂

Tomorrow I’ve also get myself organized for the Country Living Expo!


  1. Donna

    It is not disrespectful in my mind to shear a beloved dead sheep. It is a waste to have that beautiful fiber go to waste. And now you will have a lovely time spinning and knitting his wool into a tribute to him. I think it is all very lovely.

    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- that’s how I am looking at it. would be a terrible waste to bury all his beautiful wool. and now I can make one more special garment that he can be remembered by.


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