Merry Merry Merry

Hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas!

I’ve been meaning to blog for a couple of days now but we’ve had power and internet outages that kept me offline for a while.

Power issues started Thursday, with the arrival of a big wind storm.
We had a fairly large tree come down at the front of our property-

Our neighbor across the street had already started chopping it up before The Man got home- in order to get the road cleared.

It wasn’t too tall, but big enough to do some damage to the power and telephone lines on the other side of the street.

With the help of some other folks down the road we got most of it hauled away by the time it got really dark (and started raining).

But there were an awful lot of other trees on power lines and such throughout the area, and we didn’t get power back until late Friday night.

Then internet went out on Sunday afternoon (right before the Hawks v. Chiefs!!!) Geez.
So we listened on the radio. Which was actually kind of nice- and provided me some good spinning time

We watched the condensed game later, once internet was restored. I think I even enjoyed it more the second time, seeing as how I already knew we were going to win 😉

Also wanted to share the progress I’ve made on the new vest I started in Florida (“Cut, Flip and Carry On”)

I’m about 5 inches in now, and no further drama, thank goodness.
Really like how it’s coming along.

Wishing you all Fleece on Earth, and Good Wool to Men!


  1. Donna

    Merry Christmas Denise and Shimon! We made a hot spot with my phone then streamed the game with tveverywhere on my laptop. Not ideal but it worked. Sorry about the tree. What a mess these storms have been.


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