My Kind of October

Sunny and cool.
Everything seems to have a gold tinge.


Got sheep hooves trimming this morning, and now everyone is just chillin’ in the pasture


(Pretty sure Dottie thought I had some apples with me)



I don’t usually have a chance to handle Frank, so I was checking out his fleece this morning while I had him haltered up.


It’s only about 2 inches long, but so beautiful and crimpy! I really hope he can keep from getting it all felted and icky over the Winter!
Dottie’s fleece is really long already, but I think I’ve missed the window of opportunity for getting her sheared this Fall.

And Survivor Chicken is back with her girlfriends in the shed


so that’s cool.

And in knitting news, the vest is off the needles (for the moment).


And I’m really happy with how the collar worked out


Now I have to go back and do the armhole trim and then finish off the cut edges of the steeks.

Getting so close!


  1. Goatldi aka Terry

    Wondering what area you are located in? Beautiful Fall colors. Reminds me of East coast.

    Frank has fine fleece. When you shear the flock do you send it off for micron count and all the numbers?

    I am getting my crew ready for winter. Dairy goats and chickens. Had some sheep but not now.

    Enjoyed your post great vest.

    • denisemor

      Hi Terry-
      I’m in NW Washington state. We don’t always get a lot of fall color- just getting lucky this year. No, I’ve never had fleeces micron tested- for the last couple of years Frank’s fleece has felted so badly that I couldn’t use much of it. Hopefully next spring will be different 🙂 Thanks for visiting the blog! Denise


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