Suddenly July

Wow. That was fast.

Summa summa summa-time.

White sheeps lounging and cud-chewing

Dottie scratching an itch

And Chone coming in close for a cuddle

He’s such a sweetie 🙂

If you’ve been on the sheepcam recently, you might have noticed a large blue object sitting next to the hay feeder.
That’s a cobalt salt block- and I’m hoping that it might help with them processing the metabolic by-products of molybdenum (of which we have much in our pasture grass) The sheeps have been enjoying a cobalt block for about a month now- and have actually made a dent in it


Here’s hoping that it helps strengthen the hooves. Figure it’s worth a shot.

This weeks hat, fresh off the needles


And a red blend from the wheel


But as much as I love the fun and funky colors I’ve been playing with- I’m starting to feel a need to do a little bit of natural color work. Kind of a palate cleanser.


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- I hope so as well. Will probably be doing hooves again soon. Sure would be nice to see some improvement across the board!


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