Zephyr Cove finished!

With hats and the Holiday festival behind me, I finally found my way back to the Zephyr Cove shawl


It’s a really long shallow triangle shape, so I’m not quite sure how I’ll wear it yet (I don’t have a lot of skill with scarves)


But I love love love the colors, and it is so silky and squishy (alpaca, cashmere, and merino). Expect it will be quite toasty too when I’m all wrapped up in it.

And I also played around a little bit with a new mending technique this week.
A while back I’d blown out an elbow in one of my favorite wool shirts.


I thought I’d try creating a needlewoven patch to close it up.
I have lots of cool mending wool that a friend gave me a while back- from her mother’s sewing kit


so I picked out a couple of colors to match the plaid, and gave it a whirl.
It could be tidier, but I was able to get the area closed up, so I’m calling it a minor success.


my first foray into darning!

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