A Good Kind of Tired

Trying to make the most of what might be our last good weather weekend of the fall-

Caught up on hoof trimming for Felix, Frank and Esther-


And tried to tidy up Frank and Felix’s fleeces a little-


Finally dug the rest of our potatoes-


Moved and replaced a frost-free water hydrant, mowed, and spent a fair bit of time playing ball with tiny Gus to work out some of his crazy energy-



And when I was all done, I noticed something kind of fun and completely unexpected.


Someone had come by and put these cute little pumpkins on all of our fenceposts, and all the way down the street as far as I could see.


No idea who it was, as we must have been busy out back when they came by.
But they made me smile.


    • denisemor

      I was afraid that our harvest might not not be good, as I was not so consistent with watering this summer- but they came through like troopers. Russian Banana fingerlings.


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