We got some sprinkles of rain on Thursday, but it didn’t amount to much.
So things are still dry and crunchy.

But I’m looking forward to Fall, and the return of moisture to the landscape.

We’re planning on changing up the configuration of the chicken side of the shed before winter, and implemented the first of the upgrades this weekend- new PVC feeders.

PVC feeders Sep 17

We’re hoping that these help reduce the amount of spillage and waste. Once they get used to the new setup we’ll probably make two more to replace the other feeder, so we can make sure there is enough access for everyone.

The pasture is mostly dried up now, and the sheepers get pretty darned excited at the prospect of fresh-cut apple branches. It’s a surefire way to bring everyone together


And I’m all about making the sheepers happy 🙂

And if there is one thing that this weather has been good for it’s drying yarn.


I have been getting a some spinning done lately, a little Chone and a little Dottie.


And I think that I’m going to want/need to shear Dottie again this fall. She’s already got about 3 1/2- 4″ of fleece grown since spring, and is a bit prone to felting over the winter.

Dottie Sep 17

Everyone else should be good ’til spring I think.


  1. Maureen

    I LOVE that photo of Dottie with her tongue sticking out – it almost looks Photoshopped! With the two sheep in the background it looks like she has a bow on her head. Cute! And what a cool system for feeding the chooks!

  2. Dennis Chatfield

    Hey Tweet
    So sorry to hear about Sadie.
    She had a good run but I know that doesn’t make it any easier.
    It was great spending time with you and Shimon.
    Love you.
    Dad and Pam


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