Wee Bits and Pieces

For some odd reason I am still not ready to get back to Autumn’s End.

For a while it was hats, then a just-for-the -heck-of-it cowl


My current distraction is this sweet little sheep


It’s an interesting pattern. In looking at the picture I would never have guessed how it is constructed.
I’m making one in the likeness of Edgar- here are the pieces so far

Body and head


Three out of four legs


So I’ve still got one leg, ears and horn band to knit. And a sweater too, I guess.
Then comes the sewing up.

But I think it’s going to be super cute.

I might need to make a whole wee flock!

And I have gotten a little spinning done lately as well- blended batts left over from the holiday market have become sweet little skeins


Long live the stash!

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