Wool-Working Classes at WSU Expo

Just a note to let y’all know that registration is now open for the WSU Country Living Expo in Stanwood WA Jan 28, 2017!

For more info, please see http://extension.wsu.edu/skagit/countrylivingexpo/

I’ll be teaching the following classes:

Basics of Wool Processing, Part 1 and 2
#151 & #251 ‐ Sessions 1 & 2
Learn how to get that fresh‐off‐the‐sheep fleece into prime spinning or felting shape!
We’ll talk about picking, washing, drying, carding and combing, and spend the second hour getting some hands‐on experience using carders and combs with a variety of wool types.

Yarn From Scratch: Handspinning on a Wheel
#551 & #651 ‐ Sessions 5 & 6
Come spin a yarn! We’ll cover basic principles of spinning, wheel adjustment/setup and drafting techniques, plus winding off and setting the twist. No experience necessary, but please bring a wheel. Wool will be provided for your use. Note: If your wheel requires a little TLC to get spinning smoothly, please consider signing up for the “Spinning Wheel Tune Up” session that will precede this class.

#451 Spinning Wheel Tune Up
Does your spinning wheel need a little TLC? Bring it in and we’ll see if we can get it working smoothly! One hour session will be broken into brief one‐on‐one consultations focusing on troubleshooting/resolving minor mechanical issues. All wheel types welcome.

Its a fun day full of classes, with a trade show, and lunch provided with the cost of registration.

And if you have any questions about the classes listed above, just drop me a line and I can provide you with more info!


    • denisemor

      thanks Michelle. It’s always a lot of fun. Our WSU Livestock Advisor program does an amazing job pulling it together.


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