It’s October Already!

I haven’t made much progress yet on Autumn’s End, mostly because I was prepping for the Harvest market that was Saturday.

It was kind of a crazy weather day, with heavy rain showers off and on most of the morning and afternoon- and it was a little dim in the barn.
Lots of interest, but not much the way of sales. Hopefully folks will be in a little more of a gift buying frame of mind next month at the Holiday Market.

I’m also thinking more and more about getting myself organized and listing items on Etsy, but I’m not quite there yet. Hopefully more on that soon!

In sweater news, I have made just a small bit of progress,


but a big breakthrough in finally understanding some of the directions in the pattern, so that’s cool. For some reason I was having a hard time wrapping my head around how new stitches got incorporated into the charted pattern, but now that I’m a little ways into it, it makes sense. yay. 🙂


Also got a little spinning done today while watching football.


More Griff singles for the sweater, and a nice squishy rich brown romney/rambouillet chain ply just because. Mmmm.

Go Hawks!

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