Think Like a Chicken

Chickens are not known for their smarts.

But they can be fairly independent-minded and sneaky.
The new crop are pretty much fulltime “yard chickens” now, though they do go back to the shed at night.


(Stumpy the rooster is hiding in the shadows under the rhody)


There are probably 8-9 girls who should be laying regularly right now, and I’m only finding 3-4 eggs a day.
So it seems clear that some of these crafty girls are hiding eggs.

I’ve been hunting around, but there are countless places on our property that they could be tucked away.

Also, one of the new Speckled Sussex girls is currently unaccounted for.
It could be that she has fallen prey to some wild critter, but I haven’t seen any evidence of an attack (usually there would be feathers, or some other sign of a struggle).

I can’t help but wonder if the is hunkered down somewhere out of sight sitting on all those missing eggs.
I guess only time will tell.
Until then, I will continue to try and think like a chicken, and hope that it lead me to their secret stash.

And though it seems at times that chickens have overrun the wool blog, I am still actively engaged in “wool work”.
In fact, I finally got the rest of this years’ Frank/Felix fleece washed up today-


But I’ve been mostly focused on working up some new hats for the Bow Little Market Fiber Day, which is coming up fast!


If you’re in the area on the afternoon of Thursday the 18th, please stop by and say “hey”.
I’ll be there with knits, yarn, and carded fiber.


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