Preppin’ for Spring

It’s mighty soggy outside.
But I’m taking the groundhog at his word.

Spring is right around the corner.

Mid February means a lot of things:
rosebush maintenance
fruit tree pruning
garden planning
baby chickens?

Things start moving fast.

and then it’s shearing time!

Probably within a month I’ll have five new fleeces!
So I thought I should probably get a handle on the remaining unwashed wool that I still had in the queue from last spring (yeah, I’m a little behind).

I washed up the last of Griff and Edgar on Friday.


Did some spinning on Saturday


And I got about a pound of wool carded today


That’s a pretty good wool weekend!

I’ve really got an itch to do some dyeing, and I was putting together a plan to do a madder dyebath, but I’d have to do that outside, so I’ll have to wait until the weather is more cooperative.


Mmmmm. Madder.

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