Three is the Magic Number

Meet Sigrid!

I spotted her on craigslist last week, and she came home with me on Tuesday.


What a beauty, eh?

I don’t have a really good idea of her origins, but her styling appears to be scandinavian.


She is complete (except for maybe a distaff- there is a hole in the table for one), with an intact flyer and one bobbin that is in pretty good shape. Really solid and not terribly dried out or anything. Even has both her finials!


And check out the neat little caps that secure the wheel in place!



She did have rust and residue on her flyer hooks,

so I took a small wire brush to them and got them cleaned up some.


Might have to do a little more smoothing on a couple of hooks that have quite a bit of wear, but she’s spinning very nicely already.

I also fashioned her an orifice hook out of a paperclip, since the hooks I use with my other wheels wouldn’t fit (she’s got a kind of petite flyer assembly).


I just love her style. The turnings, the tone and grain of the wood – pretty, but not too fancy.
And she’s a sweet spinner. Big 25 inch wheel.




So I’m back to three wheels now.
Three is the magic number. 🙂

Ps. Will post a video of her in action soon!


  1. Donna Schoonover

    Three wheels!?! She does look Scandinavian. Her styling is a lot like my great great grandmother’s wheel out of Sweden except she is not painted. My wheel was meant for spinning flax and did have a distaff. Enjoy your new toy!

    • denisemor

      yep. three wheels. I couldn’t resist. I love your great grandmothers blue wheel. so pretty. and neat to have something like that in the family.


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