Free-rangin’ Field Trip

So, I had this thought the other day that maybe the sheep could save us some mowing.

We have a couple patches of grass in the lawn that are still growing, and with as dry as the pasture is, I figured the sheep might enjoy some fresh greenery.

So I invited them out into the yard-

And all they wanted to do was eat the fruit trees. I should have figured.

(please pardon Felix’s shaggy butt and undercarriage. He has not been very cooperative when I’ve attempted to tidy him up recently)

I was finally able to lure them back into the pasture with more branches. Was kind of fun having them out for a while, and they were pretty well behaved. Too bad they wouldn’t eat the grass for me though. Guess we still have to mow.

In other news- the market was a lot of fun this past Thursday. I sold some carded fiber and  hats (way cool!), but not much yarn, which I found surprising.


I’m going to go back to the Bow Little Market for their last day of the regular market season, Sept 3 (since I’ve got the prep done already) Think I’m going to try and knit a couple more hats between now and then, to highlight how the yarn on display looks when used in stranded colorwork-




  1. Donna Schoonover

    Love the videos- classic Shetland sheep! It was fun seeing you at the market. I have to work 9/3 so will not be at that market. I was going to do the Holiday market in November but really do not have enough to sell there.

  2. denisemor

    thanks Donna- yeah, I’m glad I did the market. Was cool hanging out with you and Allen and talking to people about wool!


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