Blacksheep Brioche

I’ve always wanted a Chone sweater.

Just so I could take the crazy little bugger with me wherever I go.

Chone 01-18-14

He’s such a cool, sweet guy.

His lamb fleece was a little coarse, but he seems to be getting softer as he get gets older, which seems a little weird, but nice. And it’s staying black, with just a bit of silver shot through, and sun bleached tips, which gives it a neat kind of nutty, roasty look when it’s all carded up.

And I finally found just the right thing for it.


What an all black sweater needs is some nice overall texture. Brioche.

What a relatively inelastic yarn needs is some lofty springiness. Brioche.

Sweet, fluffy brioche.


from sweet fluffy Chone.


It’s going to be a turtleneck vest, ala Purl Soho

But I think that I’m going to split the front down to just below the turtleneck on the right side, so I can wear it up or down. Maybe with toggle closures (?)

I love vests. It’s almost layering season!


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