Pretty Swift

I’ve been a knitter since 2002, spinner since 2005.
and had always been a “back of the chair” yarn winder.

But I was recently gifted a some-assembly required amish-made antique swift.

Here are some of the pretty pieces-

I think it’s cherry.

A couple of little chunks in the hubs needed gluing-

The trickiest part of the assembly was getting the extender thingees to stationed in the hubs. The key was securing them with thread, and having some extra hands on standby.

Then all the other sticks attach around the outside-

And here is is all together-

At least I think it is.
The thing is, I wonder if I’ve got them on wrong, or too tightly or something. It doesn’t seem to want to extend fully.
That last photo is about as wide as it gets before it binds up.

Anyone out there with swift experience? A little help?


  1. Donna Schoonover

    I have a skein winder, not a swift, so cannot help you. But I think it is cool. Hopefully you can get it working correctly.

    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- it is really neat. I’m starting to wonder if maybe that’s just as far as it is intended to extend.


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