Back from the Expo

It was both invigorating and exhausting!

Both classes (Wool Processing and Spinning Wheels 101) were well attended and folks had all kinds of good questions- some of which I had answers for, and some I didn’t.

It’s always the “didn’ts” that challenge me to create more and better class resources for next year-

Like “How long does it take to process a fleece from freshly shorn to ready to spin?”

Of course, that’s going to depend on a lot of factors, from size of the fleece to how it needs to be prepped (carded?, combed?)
But it go me thinking about the kinds of information people want/need to feel confident diving into something like this.

I’ve never been especially good at documenting my wool workflow- but I’m thinking I might try to track the time involved with processing one fleece, as an experiment. And get some video, too. I think that might be a neat thing to be able to present. Film the whole thing, and then speed it up 10X or something?

Talking with folks who are interested in doing the things I enjoy so much always gets my creative juices flowing.

And, as an extra little treat, I got myself a mohair fix.


Many beautiful colors of mohair from Wandering Creek Farm in Arlington, WA.

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