Doggin’ It

Saturday we had an errand to run down south, so we turned it into a trip to our favorite dogpark!

Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA has an awesome off-leash area. It’s something like 40 acres and has trails, open grassy space and water features.

It was a beautiful day, and we all had a great time. (I think I like going to the park as much as the pups do!)

Sadie Marymoor2 Oct13

We walked, and met all kinds of cool dogs and their people,

Sadie Skye Marymoor Oct13

Went and got some lunch, then

Skye Marymoor Oct 13

Yep, we came back and walked some more!
The second time, Sadie and Skye both took the plunge and did a little paddling-

Sadie Skye swim Marymoor Oct 13

Hey hey! Who’s a happy girl?

Sadie Marymoor Oct13

Good Dog Day.


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