Happy to Be Stump Free!

Hope y’all had a lovely holiday weekend.

We celebrated Labor Day by…..
Laboring (of course!)

But we had the help of a specialist-

a big hydraulic stump grinder from our local Home Depot.

We took out 15 stumps.
Some enormous, some kinda piddly. But all are now outta here!

I could show you pictures of patches of dirt where the troublesome stumps used to be, but that is not very exciting.

So here are the sheeps!

Here are Edgar and Chone preparing to be beamed up-


Frank sporting some seasonal facial color-


Griff digging in to some salmonberries-

DSD_4912 (1)

I’m going to have to try harder to get pics of Felix. He’s kind of shy.

I haven’t made a lot of progress on the new sweater yet, so we’re not going to look in on that this week.

Instead, I wanted to show you something completely different!

I’ve recently been inspired to do some embroidery. It all started with this book-


I found it at the university bookstore. The bird illustrations are so neat,


I just knew I had to stitch some of them!

Here is the first one I’ve done-


And a picture of the drawing from the book-


What I’m doing is tracing the line drawings onto parchment paper (like the kind you use for baking), using a Sulky iron-on transfer pen to define the pattern on the reverse of the parchment, then ironing on to an old pair of khaki pants.

Next up-


No idea what I’m going to do with them yet.
I just like them a whole lot.


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