Back from blogcation (I think).

Trying to bust out of the post-sweater-completion funk.

How better than to start another sweater, right?


First, I ripped back an unfinished object (brioche too-big-to-be-a-scarf thing), then I cast on for a Shalom Cardigan.


The pattern is written for bulky yarn, and is sized for a 32 inch bust.
I’ve modified the stitch count, but since I didn’t really swatch, I’ve no real idea if this is going to fit me when it’s done.

Little Chone was eyeing it during the photo shoot- perhaps he’s thinking it would fit him after spring shearing?


It’s a nice quick and easy knit, so I’m considering this one a trial run. Once I get the sizing right, it will make a nice wardrobe element!


Just spun up another skein of compatible weight, but will probably have to turn out a couple more before it’s done.

Also wanted to mention that registration just opened for the 2013 WSU Country Living Expo!

I’m going to be teaching two classes this year- Basics of Wool Processing, and Spinning Wheels 101. I’ve done the Wool Processing class a couple times, but the Spinning Wheels one is new this year. Plan to cover wheel mechanics and operation, adjustments, troubleshooting common problems and spinning basics. It should be a good time!


  1. mcfwriter

    I took your wool processing class a couple of years ago, Denise, but am thinking of taking it again (now that I have wool needing to be processed – in 2011 I was still pending my first shearing). I still have your handout, but need the refresher to get this year’s fleeces processed. Looking forward to Country Living Expo!


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