Back on the Needles Again

Classic Oak is assembled (not that you can tell that from the picture, but I swear it’s true!)


Now all that remains is the button band/collar.
I’ve never done a button band before, and the buttonhole technique/size was worrying me a bit-
so I’d been procrastinating all week.

Tonight, after much gauge measuring and button size contemplation, I decided to go for it.

All the stitches are picked up (all those little tan yarn bits are markers for stitch spacing).
And after all my fussing and cogitating about buttonhole techniques, I’ve decided to just do the darn thing exactly according to the instructions and buy buttons to fit after it’s done.

Why do I find it so hard to trust patterns?


  1. Farmlady

    Because you are so creative? Following directions is a good idea, but I suspect that when you are as good at this as I think you are… you tend to want to do some creative and different things with your knitting.
    I’m sure this is going to turn out beautifully.

  2. Kelly Hargrove

    I want to take knitting classes this winter. Hopefully I will have the time. Then I will be able to worry about buttonholes instead of dropped stitches. LOL. Cant wait to see the finished product.


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