Four Egg Day

How, you may ask, do you get four eggs in one day when you only have 3 chickens?


You bring home more chickens!




We brought 5 new hens home Saturday afternoon. 3 rhode island reds and 2 ameraucanas.

Things are a little tense right now between the old and new chicken tribes.
There have been a couple of confrontations, but so far no injuries, so I’m hopeful that with a little time things will settle out. (fingers crossed)

On the sheep front, I finally got Edgar and Chone tidied up-



And got a start on Felix, who is now a partially white sheep again!


He was actually being pretty cooperative and I probably could have finished his haircut Saturday, but we had to break off to go and collect the new chickens. Was nice to get a little quality time with Felix, because he’s kind of a shy guy. And such a sweet soft fleece!

In knitting news, Classic Oak cardigan is blocking now, and I hope to start assembling sometime this week.


So far, so good!


  1. Farmlady

    The chickens will settle down. There’s a pecking order that must be established and then everything will be OK.
    Love the sheep. They always look so content. Wish I had some.
    That sweater is beautiful. What an accomplishment!

    • sheepsclothing

      thanks. yes, the girls have sorted thing out and a new order has emerged. Good to have harmony back on the homestead 🙂

    • sheepsclothing

      Thanks Jody. (The Man got a good chuckle out of your “organized and tidy” observation. Says I’ve got ya’ll fooled pretty good)


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