Solar Powered

Ah, the sun!
It got us all charged up this weekend.



The pups had lots of fun frolicking and carrying on, and we got lots of yard and sheep work done.

Only one still unshorn:


That would be the little crazy bugger, of course!

Could have gotten him done while we had them all in for manicures and such today, but I was just too tired to give it a shot.
Some time later this week maybe 🙂

And, I’ve finally gotten focused on my next sweater project!
The Classic Oak Cardigan, by Alexandra Charlotte Dafoe

I picked the pattern out a while back, but was uncertain of what yarn I was going to spin for it- or more specifically, which fleece.
But sometime this week it dawned on me- the thing to do was to blend a couple/few fleeces from the substantial wool stash to get just the right effect!

So here’s what I’ve got:


That’s Chone on the left, Jonasson Farms Border Leicester at the top, and Hidden Meadows CVM/suffolk cross at the bottom right.

And here they are all blended together:


The photo is a little bit washed out, it’s a little bit warmer and nuttier than that. More like this:


and this


The swatch turned out a little big- the so I’ve got to adjust my spinning mode from worsted to DK weight, but then I should be right in the ballpark.

(Go Ms!)


    • sheepsclothing

      thanks Yvonne- Its going to involve a lot of carding,but I really like how it’s working out so far. The different wools all bring something different to the yarn. So how’d your fleece sale go? It was a great day for it!


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