What Rainy Weekends are Good For

Indoor Pursuits!
Like, wrapping up knitting projects:


Spinning up mystery wool from the stash:


and exercising the drum carder:


There is plenty of outside work to be done around here (pruning fruit trees, for instance), but that might just have to wait until its a little bit friendlier out.

I’m so pleased to have gotten Cobblestone off the needles. The underarms are grafted, and it’s all washed up and blocked out. Just needs to dry and have all the ends tucked in. The yoke was kind of interesting, with the short-row shaping and all. I could really see making another one of these!

But not right away. Next up- cables, cables, cables!

But I have a lot of spinning to do first 🙂


    • sheepsclothing

      Thanks-Yeah, the outside projects might have to wait a while. Our spring still seems a ways off yet

    • sheepsclothing

      Thanks Donna- feels good to have it finished. I really liked working with the Chone/Spike blend. Spike’s fleece really added a lot of softness and sheen to the yarn.

    • sheepsclothing

      Thanks Nancy. I’m pleased with how it turned out. Now I’m just hoping that it fits it’s intended recipient!

  1. Jody

    Hi Denise, Beautiful batts and handspun 🙂
    You asked about my CPW on my blog. I don’t spin on it much because the takeup is too strong and yes it’s terribly fiddly.Plus I only have one bobbin and they are a big pain to take off.
    My Rose is so wonderful and easy to use.
    The Watson wheel is super expensive but I have been saving for 2 years for her and she will be my dream wheel. I sold my other CPW and my Ashford to help fund my Watson wheel.

  2. Jody

    Sorry I said the all wrong. The takeup is NOT strong enough and all the singles become overtwisted. I have tried crossthreading her to no avail. I guess I just don’t have the patience when I sit down to spin on her. As she has her full maker’s mark, she will remain for ‘eye candy’!

    • sheepsclothing

      Ah, I see. I just love the look of those wheels. So well proportioned and graceful. And I’m always tempted when I see antique wheels for sale, but don’t really have the space for decoration wheels- so anything I’d acquire would have to earn it’s keep! The Watson wheels sure are beautiful. Have you already spun on one?


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