The Chicken Girls Accesorize

For a long time I’ve been thinking that our chicken feed bags were worth saving.


They are colorful, with cool chicken art, and I really couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.
Sometimes they even have different background colors, like this pink one for breast cancer awareness-


And they are fairly indestructible, being made of plastic woven tarp-like material-


And this week, while stuck home in the snow, I finally decided to do something with them!


Tote bags! Aren’t they sporty?
Great for the grocery, the farmers market, holding projects, etc. etc.

The material is a little bit of a pain to sew, because it slips around some, and it is really hard on stick pins, but the tote bag styling is really simple, and I think now that I’ve done a few the next batch will go faster and easier.


And in wool news, I am making steady progress on Cobblestone

One more sleeve, then we get to the exciting part: the yoke! A little texture, some short rows.
Pretty sure I’ve got the yarn to cover it now.


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