Coming to Terms with the Stash





I have mixed feelings about the stash.

I love the stash.
I need the stash.

But the stash exerts a subtle pressure.
It longs to be more than yarn in a cedar chest.
Or home decor.

But these days I seem to be spinning faster than I knit.
So it tends to accumulate some.

And it’s sometimes hard to part with stash, because I either had some grand idea of how I might use it.
Or it’s not quite perfect or flashy or luxurious enough to be a “gift skein” or to sell.

So I’m not making resolutions about stash this year.

No need to put pressure on the relationship.

Healthy stash, happy Denisee.

Long life the stash!


  1. Farmlady

    Long live the STASH. It should not be there to cause you stress. It can motivate. It can be there to offer the right color without having to go back to the yarn store.
    It looks BEAUTIFUL! It will be something lovely some day… or not. But, mostly, it’s there and it’s so beautiful.
    It doesn’t need a reason.
    Happy New Year without resolutions.
    Long live the STASH…

  2. MOM

    Everyone has their own kind of stash…mine is 25 boxes of sorted colors of stained glass. Creativity waiting for fruition.


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