My New Friend Pirtle

So the wheel has a name!

Thanks to the fine folks on Ravelry, I’ve come to know that he’s a Pirtle.


So, he’s a 70’s-vintage guy, one of about 200 made by a retired Air Force engineer.
I’ve named him Hank.
Hank Pirtle.

And I’ve just combed up another batch of Frank/Felix to spin up all nice and bulky on him.


In addition to getting a feel for Hanks irish tension system, I’ve managed to get a start on a another vest for John The Shepherd, of Marietta Shetlands:


I took the cable motif from the Hand in Hand men’s cable vest pattern by Kathy Zimmerman. I think it’s working out nicely- it’s curvy, and large enough to stand out in the dark yarn, but still manly and subdued.

No outside photos this week. It’s July, but feels like October.

No summer yet.


  1. Michelle

    I’m a little confused about where you sit in orientation to the wheel to treadle. Maybe The Man would take a photo of you while spinning? I LIKE Irish tension (hence my Louet)!

    • sheepsclothing

      ‘Spose I should have taken the photo from the angle that I sit in front of it to spin! Basically, when I spin on it, I sit almost perpendicular to the flyer, with the orifice off to the left. I treadle with my right foot, and draft backwards with my left hand. WiIl try to shoot a video for my next post

      • Melissa Sinclair

        I know this is old, but I am just about to buy a pirtle wheel and I’m also BRAND new to spinning, but I hook wool, so this should be really good for the bulkier yarns. I would love it if you could provide me with more information! I’ll also look to see if you post anything else about it in other posts. Thanks!

  2. Jody van Dooijewaard

    Lucky you , no summer! We are experiencing heat waves with almost 40 degree celcius humidex values. I would prefer it to be cooler rather than hotter.
    Wow those white puffs of your Shetland look fantastic!

  3. Max

    Hello, I found this article. Someone gave me a pirtle spinning wheel but it is missing a couple of small parts.

    Do you know if someone still makes replacement parts? I might have to befriend a wood worker.

    Any advise help would be appreciated

    • denisemor

      Hi Max- thanks for reaching out. I rehomed my Pirtle wheel a number of years ago, but have some photos that I could share with you. Do you know what bits you are missing? Will email you a link to the wheel photos.


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