• sheepsclothing

      yeah, that’s the hard part of having two pups about the same age. Don’t know if I would plan to do it that way again. But they were both such neat guys. And we had a lot of good times.

  1. Nancy K.

    I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your friend. Nothing can fill the hole in your heart but someday it won’t hurt quite so much. Treasure all the happy memories that you have of Syd until you meet again at the Rainbow bridge.


  2. Mom

    Such a sad time…there was no dog like Syd…one of a kind. To paraphrase Sinatra…”He did it his way”. I am so glad I was able to spend one last week with him in August and have him remember our “roll over” trick from so long ago. Syd was definitely a real part of the family and Gramma will miss him.

  3. Farmlady

    It seems that I come, for the first time to your blog life, at a very sad time.
    P;ease accept my sympathy. I know the sadness of loosing a these special creatures.
    I will return to visit soon…….


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