Happy to be Snow Free

From what we saw on the road today, pretty much everywhere around us is thick with white clumps and flakes.
But here on the east side of Anderson mountain, we’re still in the clear.
Funny how that works.

Anyway, so, after cleaning out the sheep shed Saturday, I was out walkin’ the pasture with the boys.

walkin the sheeps

And getting a little quality time with my buddy Edgar and his newly sociable brother Griff!

egdar and griff

Then everybody started getting all and squirrely and racing around and being crazy! The Man managed to capture this shot of Felix in flight-
felix in flight-orig

Thought that was kinda neat.

Not much knitting news this week, but I do have some new spins-


and I am newly resolved to get back to the long neglected sweater project-

IMG_2704 (Medium)

Really hope I can remember how I was doing that colorwork….
(the downside to working without a pattern)


    • sheepsclothing

      Yep. Handspun, handknit Huey wool from Schoonover farm plus a little darker brown shetland whose origin I forget.


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