Always such a nice surprise to a have a beautiful sunny day in late December!

Everyone here was out and about-

Chickens expressing their chicken-ness


Wally taking a break from sniff patrol

Wally and backup singers.jpg

Syd consults with our Cy Young award winner


Kitty was out there somewhere too,, but stayed mostly out of sight.

After the weekly hoof check/treatment, I spent a little time working with the boys on halter training.

“Oh no, here we go again!”


Frank, Chone and Griff were pretty crazy. Floppin’ and fussin’ all over the place.
(this was Griff’s first time) But Felix and Edgar actually did pretty well.
I’ll have to work with them more regularly if I want them to be manageable on a lead come shearing time!


  1. Jody

    That does look like a wonderfully sunny day…wish we could have more of those. I hate doing chores in winter…my fingers always freeze. We need to get halter training the new young Gotland rams. The older Gotland ram handles beautifully on a lead and I find it’s a great way for us to control him when we have to be in his space.

    • sheepsclothing

      you probably have much colder winters than we do. we don’t usually get much freezing. just lots of 30-40 temps and rain. But this is kind of an odd year so far,, , and it’s still early!


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