Hey Hay Hey!

Guess what we got this morning!

IMG_2389 (Medium)

Yep, that’ll keep the boys for a while, I think.
Got a ton (literally) of hay packed in the woodshed.

In other news, I’ve won over Felix and Franklin with goodies and ear scritches,

IMG_2362 (Medium)

IMG_2366 (Medium)

and so I thought I’d give halter training a go!
The halter that we got from Premier one is still too big for the tiny sheeps, so I thought I’d make one from some heavy duty handspun yarn-

And here it is on our lucky first contestant!
IMG_2372 (Medium)

It fit ok, but it’s really hard to keep the thing on the woolly buggers, especially when they start acting like bucking broncos!

So, I finally just let him wear it around for a while.

IMG_2375 (Medium)

“Hey Frank- little help here?”

He finally came back to Maaaaa to see if I’d set him free.

IMG_2376 (Medium)

Then everyone went to take a break behind the extra gate up against the shed. (seems to be a favorite spot)

IMG_2380 (Medium)

Some pretty scenery from around the yard today-
IMG_2381 (Medium)

IMG_2383 (Medium)

IMG_2386 (Medium)

IMG_2387 (Medium)

IMG_2388 (Medium)

Have a great week!


  1. Jody

    Your flowers are gorgeous Denise.
    The sheepjes look so cute..sigh…I wish I could step outside my door and have my precious little ones close by. You can hug and sqeeze them anytime of day or night!

  2. Karen Lohn

    Your photos are exquisite! In fact, I am wondering if you would allow me to use an image or two of your sheep and/or yarns in a book that I am writing entitled Peace Fibres: Stitching a Soulful World. In it, I enlist fibre work as metaphor and manifestation for developing harmonious relationship with self, others, and the larger world. I would use the images in a chapter on sources of fibres in which I include a visit to a sheep farm at shearing time. My photos are not clear enough to be effective.
    May I use your images? I would, of course, cite your website and you as photographer.
    Thank you for considering my request. I will look forward to your response.
    Karen Lohn


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