Frogs and Ducks

Yes, I’m pretty sure that frogs and ducks are about the only ones enjoying our current weather system.

Rain, rain and more rain.

So, no outside shots today.

The current knitting project was reduced to laying on the living room floor for our photo shoot.
Poor sweater.

IMG_2258 (Medium)

But, as you can see, I’m getting back it he groove. If I can keep making steady progress, I figure I’m about a week or so out from completion.

The “if” is the problem.

I’m hitting that point where I start to get distracted by other wools.

Exhibit A:


I think this is suffolk, or suffolk cross. (I’m branching out a little here!) Got a little from my mystery-wool-connection a while back, and hadn’t really done anything with it until now.

Seems like a really good sock wool. Nice and springy. So that’s what I’m doing.
Plain ole vanilla sock pattern.
The wool has a bit of a yellow cast, so they look kinda french vanilla to me.

And since the weather is so cruddy today, I’ll post a couple of pictures from last weekend when the sun was still in residence-


IMG_2234 (Medium)


IMG_2239 (Medium)




IMG_2226 (Medium)


  1. Jody

    Luv the rhodies. When I lived in Holland I saw them everywhere and they almost looked like trees.
    I have never tried Suffolk but have heard of it as having good qualities for sock wool (I think it was elasticity and ability to be machine washed).

    • sheepsclothing

      Yeah, the rhodies here grow to be quite large as well. And we’ve got quite a collection of well established ones here that must have been planted ages ago. They are beautiful this time of year-


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