Less Talk, More Knit

Finding I don’t have a lot to say right at the moment.

But I have been doing quite a bit of knitting.


IMG_1559 (Medium)

Boo Kitty really likes it

IMG_1556 (Medium) edited

And I do too. It’s coming along very nicely.

I’m almost at the point where I join the shoulders together and get to try it on The Man to see how it fits.

I hoped to have some dyeing to show off in this post, but my results yesterday were rather disappointing. Still trying to figure out what went wrong.
Has anyone else used this product?

IMG_1560 (Medium)

I was all excited about the neat colors. Tried the “Olive” yesterday, and it was total bust. Turned my creamy white alpaca a yellowy gray. Ick. Sure I can salvage it by overdying with something else,, but what a waste.

And I swear that I followed the directions.

Now I’m almost afraid to try the other colors.



  1. Donna

    The Man’s sweater is coming along great!

    I tried an olive dye in a different brand and turned my yarn an ugly brown- not olive green. It is too dark to overdye except black which I have plenty of naturally. So I won’t do that again!

  2. juliet

    That is really interesting about the dye. I wonder what type of dye it is ~ I checked their website, but I’m just not smart enough to figure it out I guess. I was hoping it would say in plain English something like “Hey, Julie…This is a Union dye.” But Jacquard wasn’t going to make it that simple. I’m fascinated with the fact that the dye can be used on bast/cotton and protein with tweaking the additives. I’ve heard that you can take Procion MX and use it on protein fiber by adding an acid. Maybe you could see if the dye will work on dear Farrah ~ make her blue like her eyes.


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