Minstrel’s Little Sister

Look what I found this week!

IMG_1463 (Medium)

Cute, eh?

IMG_1466 (Medium)

It’s an old wheel. Seller was told it is Welsh.
Single treadle. Double drive. Only one bobbin.

Here it is next to my Kromski Minstrel:

Two wheels front

And from the side:

Two Wheels from Side

It’s about 6 inches shorter, and quite a bit lighter than the Minstrel.
And the back side is pretty much flat,, so I can lay it down on the backseat of the car.
I plan on using it as my traveling wheel.

The flyer setup is pretty much identical to the Minstrel. It’s got the screw-on whorl that sits behind the bobbin and the flyer shaft rests in a block that is adjusted with a screw on the back vertical wheel support post.

The Minstrel’s whorls don’t quite fit (dang),, but it looks like if we created a front flyer bearing that sat a bit further forward, I could actually use the Minstrel’s flyer with this wheel! Then I’d have the benefit of more ratios.

Flyer Comparison

Many thanks to The Man for helping me rig a scotch tension (because I prefer that to double drive),

Scoth Tension setup

fixing up the bobbin with a liner so it doesn’t wobble and chatter, and tightening up a couple connections that were a little loose.

Now she needs a name.



  1. Old McGrama

    What an awsome find! (and it seems to prove that the Kromskis do adhere to “old world” designs.) How great it is to secure such a wonderful addition to the tools that you can use in your creations. Glad the previous owner had at least a little history (welsh) I like the flat back that it has too.


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