Negative Progress

Sock before size-check:


Sock after size-check:



But if it’s not right, what are you gonna do?

First time out I cast on 80 stitches, assuming that the gauge was gong to be about the same as the last pair of socks for The Man.

(Well, you know what they say about assuming…)

So, I’m re-knitting.

Thankfully, it’s really neat yarn, and I’m easily amused, so the color changes are enough to keep me entertained as I k3 p1 my way down the leg.

In other news, the peruvian wool scarf/shawl finally got it’s loopy fringe and went off to it’s new home.

with the fringe

And I’m still spinning Inky Dot (fleece from Black Sheep Gathering) for The Man’s sweater. So far, I’ve got 6 skeins and almost 2 full bobbins towards another batch of 3.
It is such pretty yarn- I’m dying to get started with the knitting!

IMG_1457 (Medium)


  1. Donna

    Wow Denise, your BSG fleece yarn looks wonderful. I am hoping for sweater updates. Plus you are much better at working backwards than I am. I would have put the sock in the “to do much later” pile and started something else out of frustration. Good work!


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