The Week in Wool-

In the wake of completing The Man’s socks¬† on size 1 needles, I felt that I needed to switch things up a bit. I needed to do something BIG.

It seemed like a good time to pull out the chunky peruvian wool.

IMG_0745 (Medium)

Here it is with Bruno for scale (and because he’s such a cutie).

IMG_0741 (Medium)

The wool decided that it wanted to be a scarf. And since it’s so thick and dense, I figured it could use a little lightening up, so I chose an easy lace repeat, picked up the size 10 1/2 needles and off we went!

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to see this come together. It just flew!

Scarf blocked detail

It flew so fast that I didn’t even think to take an in-progress shot. So, here we are at the blocking (and kitty inspection) stage.

Scarf bocked with Boo edited

Still trying to decide if it needs some sort of fringe to finish it off….
What do you think?

In other woolly news, I was able to squeeze in a brief visit to the NW Washington Fair last week- here are some of the highlights:

First, the Wool Show-

IMG_1342 (Medium)

IMG_1344 (Medium)

IMG_1346 (Medium)

IMG_1347 (Medium)

IMG_1348 (Medium)

IMG_1349 (Medium)

And then the sheep:

Dorset cross?

IMG_1358 (Medium)

Navajo Churro-

IMG_1360 (Medium)


IMG_1365 (Medium)


For those of you who are interested, here’s a quick rundown on how I did he toe shaping for this most recent pair of socks.

It’s pretty simple. You don’t start the toe shaping as early as with some other methods.¬† Keep knitting the foot straight until you get to just shy of the tip of your (or the intended recipient’s) little toe. At that point, start decreasing (but only on the little toe side). To ease the curve, decrease every other round 3 times. From that point on, decrease every round until you have only half your original stitches left.

Then start shaping the big toe side (while you’re still continuing the decreasing on the little toe side). Again, decrease every other round for the first few, then go to every round. Stop when you have about an inch or and inch and a half worth of stitches left and kitchener the toe together.

Ta Da! A sock that is actually shaped like a foot!


    • sheepsclothing

      ‘Fraid I can’t help you there. I’ve never tried toe-up. But I like the idea. Makes a lot of sense.

  1. Tina T-P

    hey – nice pics from the fair – I would have taken more for the Spindrifter blog but my camera battery died – deader than a doornail! – oh well – maybe during show and tell…. I’ve got to get my yarn washed for you then we’ll come up with a pattern and get it to you. T.


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