Old Dog. New Tricks.

IMG_1296 (Medium)

What a sweet couple, eh?

And he’s the guy we thought was going to be a problem!

Good boy, Bruno!

Speaking of tricks- it looks like I might have to employ some new ones of my own if I ever want to get much wool-work done around here.
Boo kitty seems to like yarn almost as much as I do.

It’s nice when she sits on my lap while I’m spinning,
but her constant attention makes knitting nearly impossible!

I can’t fault the girl for liking wool. (I mean, what’s not to like?)
So, I guess I’m just have to come up with some new strategies.

I might have to go into hiding to finish these socks

IMG_1307 (Medium)


  1. Tina T-P

    Good that they are friends – I did a quick count on my yarn for The Shepherd’s vest tonight – I have about 1200 yards – do you think that will be enough? T.


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